Good Times

I got a t shirt quilt with all of my old t shirts on it for Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited!! It’s the perfect time of year for a quilt because its so cold!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

A lot of you didn’t know younger (junior high and elementary) Steph, but she only wore t shirts all the time. Not much has changed, but that’s besides the point.

I forgot about half of these shirts and it’s bringing back the memories of how I wore the same few shirts all the time and I miss them! It’s almost sad that they are on the quilt because I can’t wear them!!

Anyway, I just thought I’d highlight a few of my favorites!

  • Warrior Pride – All I can say is that I wish this shirt still fit me because it was a nice shirt. Unfortunately, tiny freshman me got a small and never imagined she’d grow out of it.

IMG_3082 2


  • Creek Classic Shirt – How could I leave this one out? I played in a tournament with a boys’ team. The goalie on the other team we were playing against trash talked me and them I scored on him!!!!!





IMG_3079 2


  • CSA orange shirt – I wore this to every soccer practice! I kind of hate the color orange but I love all of the memories and fun times I had wearing this shirt three times every week and playing for CSA.






  • Firebirds – This is my shooting shirt for when I played basketball for the Milford Firebirds in elementary school! I was the 2 guard and shot the ball every time I got a chance. The firebirds were such a good team, I miss them. It doesn’t even feel that long ago. Fun fact one of them is going to play D1 next year which is pretty awesome!




  • The Little Freshman that Could –  And now we are the seniors “up to no good”. how was this 3 years ago?? I think I’d choose our senior homecoming shirt over this one, but this is definitely my second favorite.
  • Diving Champs shirts – I was a diver when I was younger for Miami Hills (where i work now). I was actually a really good diver! My favorite dive to do was a back dive! I thought these shirts were the coolest because my name was on the back! Lol

Mock Traal

If you are looking for me after school on a Monday or Wednesday, I’ll be in Mr. Wolfford’s room. I’ll either be color coding a map, receiving constructive criticism, or banging my fist on a table over something I don’t understand.

Mock Trial is basically a puzzle and you have to prove your point with no clear answer. Even the exhibits, which are charts that give evidence and

IMG_1108 2
My co-council Alex Wilson’s snap story of the competition last year

statistics, have purposeful discrepancies in them. You can try to prove something, but chances are that the opposing side will find another disputed fact to undermine what you just said. The whole thing is so subjective, and oftentimes, even when you have a point to prove, there is no way to be completely sure and sometimes you’ll even sympathize with the other team. There is no right answer and it bothers me so much but I guess that’s the point.

Everyone likes to to make the joke that Mock Trial is making fun of trials. In reality, there is some truth to that. We make fun of the characters we are given and the stupid things that they do that we have to testify to. For example, one of the characters this year is Morgan Reynolds, who straight up lied to the police on the spot and then ratted out his best friend for murdering his girlfriend a month later. (and then people believed him??). Or Adam Smith, who left evidence (the girlfriends’ fingerprints and hair) in his car and then claims he is innocent. Or Randy Johnson, who admitted to a tax evasion and then wonders why no one thinks he is credible. And then Waranowitz who has been studying cell phone data for 20 years and then says that the evidence is inconclusive. It’s no wonder there is a clear answer of right or wrong. None of these people are real and the whole story is made up, but I just wonder about some of those odd characters and the lives they supposedly live, ya know? It leads to a lot of good inside jokes and a lit snap group 🙂

This year is my first year being a lawyer. I have to memorize a 4 minute long speech, and I have to question two witnesses and then cross examine two witnesses. It’s a lot of work on top of all of the other things I have to do, and I hate doing the work now, but in January it will all be worth it.

The actual trials against the other schools are so fun and I love seeing the faces on witnesses when they are trapped because they have to stay on script. I love all the tension and the furious writing back and forth when you can’t talk. I love how the room stops for ejections and the sound of the chair moving backwards as the lawyer jumps up to protect their witness.

I really enjoy the uncertainty. You have no idea what the other teams’ strategies are, no idea what witnesses they will call, and what cross examination questions they will ask. You have to be ready for any situation. Although I am no near being ready at this point, the thought of how fun it will be in a month keeps me going.

Im also excited to dress up in lawyer clothes and be a professional even though I low-key have no idea what I am doing 🙂


Howard and Heidi!!

Since the place where the original Howard from the last post lived never called us back, we decided to look somewhere else. We hit the jackpot!

She is such a brave soul jumping on his lap

We adopted two tail-less siblings and they are SO cute. They were born without tails and they look like little black bears when they run around. We kept the name Howard because we liked the name and we looked up similar old fashioned names and Heidi popped up so we went with it.


I think Howard has some sort of anxiety disorder because he is like a dog and he doesn’t shut up. The littlest thing scares him and he runs around everywhere; which is good because he needs to lose a little weight. The only time he will stop meowing is if he has undivided attention. When I  pet him, he purrs like a lawnmower.

Right before he meowed the whole way home

He’s so strange and it will take awhile to get used to his unique ways, but I already love him.

Heidi is such a sweetheart. She’s a dainty little princess and she likes to cuddle. She’s also my dad’s favorite because she’s so low maintenance compared to Howard. She’s curious too, and loves boxes and drawers.

I think she gets low-key jealous about all of the attention Howard gets, and sometimes she’ll pick fights with him. They both fight for the same spot on the couch, and almost every time, no one ends up sitting there.



The cutest thing is that they lick each other in the areas that they can’t reach, like the top of the head or the ears. I would never let my brother lick my ear but I guess it’s different for cats.







I’m so glad we could give them a home for the holidays and lots more holidays to come!! 😊

Howard Part 1

This is the picture that will get me through this week:



This is Howard and he’s about to be my new best friend!!! I couldn’t be more excited!!

Howard is currently at the League for Animal Welfare in Batavia and he has to stay there so they can get him up to date on his vaccines before we can adopt him.


Howard had a difficult past. He was in a boyfriend/girlfriend situation that didn’t end up well because they did not agree about having him as a pet. It was such a sad story to hear, but at least he was brought to the shelter and has been safely living there for the past few months.

Being in the room with him and getting to know him made me tear up because he reminds me so much of my old cat, Fred. He’s moody, fluffy, and very laid back. He also loves to play with purses and catnip.

I love him so much already, it was so hard to leave him!! I can’t wait to welcome him into his new home. :))

An Open Letter to Tom Petty

Dear Tom,

You changed my life. It’s as simple as that.

Your lyrics are real; they’re genius and down-to-earth. When I listen to your songs, I don’t just hear them, I can feel them. The guitars in the background and the passion with which you sang all of your catchy refrains is unbelievable.

When I’m in a good mood, I listen to your songs. When I’m in a bad mood, I listen to your songs. There is just something magical about the songs that made me the person I am today.

I remember in junior high doodling in math class and writing you initials with a heart around them. One girl asked me who it was and I said it was you. She didn’t know who you were. Honestly, it’s her loss.

In those crazy junior high years when it was popular to listen to Katy Perry, Kesha, and Selena Gomez, I listened to your albums. They were the first to be downloaded on my iPod and the last thing I listened to before bed at night.

Now that I can drive, I listen to Tom Petty radio on Sirius XM, or I plug in my aux and find my Tom Petty playlist. There’s just something about your voice in those songs that takes me somewhere else; somewhere where no one judges me for the music I listen to or somewhere I can “leave this world for awhile”.

When I heard on the radio that you were doing your 40th anniversary tour, my bank account trembled. I knew that I needed to go and rock out with you: the greatest musician that ever lived. I made my cousin go with me and it was one of the greatest decisions I ever made.

That was one of the greatest days ever. There you were with the hair down to your shoulders, a guitar slug across you and the darkest shades, despite the fact that we were indoors. You had the coolest vibe about you and played the guitar like it was second nature to you. Being in the same room with you and hearing your soothing voice was unreal.

Your voice filled the arena and was met with cheers from 50 year old people who probably danced to your songs at their high school proms. I was probably one of the youngest people there, but I was definitely not the quietest. When you played “Learning to Fly” it was breathtaking. You sang the verse and we sang the refrain back and forth and together we filled the Schottenstein Center with the best noise it will ever hear.

When you died, I was a wreck. The only thing I listened to in the car was your songs and they just felt different in some way. If you wanted to leave a legacy, and I know you did, you definitely left one with me. The music world really suffers without you here and so do I.

Rest in peace Tom. “You being somewhere you feel free”


IMG_1644 3

High Hopes and Sticky Notes

When I looked at Mr. Wolfford’s weekly assignments, I saw that on Friday (today) we would be registering to vote in class if we were eligible. I happen to be eligible, which is kind of a scary thought. I’ve been 18 for a month and I’m still not used to it.

When I saw it on the plan, I thought it would be a exciting and a good idea for a blog post, so I wrote it on my never ending sticky note collection on my desktop.

I was going to write this post after I had experienced the process of registering to vote, but Mr. Wiseman gave us time in class to work on our blog posts and I didn’t want to work on something else because he did cut his lesson short for us to work. So here I am working on it.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 10.59.41 AM
About this screenshot: Yes, that is me in the tube. No, I did not get thrown off. Also, above the blue sticky note with the Texas flag is Billy Rae Cyrus’s lake house. Sadly, I was not invited inside.

The note has been there a week and today’s the day, so stay tuned!!

To be continued…..






….I was very disappointed and expected a lot more from this experience. I thought it would take the whole bell and they would need all of my information. However, it took me about 5 minutes to fill out a form in blue or black ink (why is this not done electronically?? It is 2017 smh).

It was a very anti-climactic introduction and I was hoping that it would be a growing up experience. Instead, he handed me a form and I filled it out while the rest of the class took notes. I won’t complain though; this way I have one less deadline this fall and he was nice and mailed it in for me.

Welcome to the adult world. Population of me and all the other Americans who have filled out this form.

I guess I can delete that sticky note now.

According to Mr. Wolfford, this is a paper with “instructions you won’t need”. 


I’m a sucker for Disney movies: the plot lines, the unrealistically beautiful hair and makeup, and my personal favorite, the soundtracks.

Today as I was driving to soccer practice, I felt like the radio just wasn’t cutting it and I needed something different than the same old songs I hear all the time. I plugged in my aux cord and pressed on my “inspirational” playlist on Spotify. The first song that came up when I hit shuffle was “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana.

My mood immediately went from a 3 to an 8. (A 10 would be if practice were cancelled :))  I started to sing along to the lyrics I knew by heart with the windows down for the world to hear me.

After practice, I plugged my phone in again and the rest of the song came on. As I listened to the ending with no energy to sing after a hard practice, I started to tune in to the words and think deeper.

When Moana kept repeating “sea’, it reminded me of the recent hurricanes and how devastating they are for the people affected by them. I thought about how all of the people who live there “used to stare at the waster, long as [they] can remember”. But now, they cannot do that and they are forced to relocate, or take shelter from the storms in the places that they call home.

It is a really tragic situation and I almost feel a little guilty about getting to live my own life normally while cities and homes are destroyed in the southern United States and islands like Cuba and Haiti.

But what can someone like me do? I could take the money I made babysitting last night and donate it to relief services. I could watch the news to be informed about what is happening. I can also keep the people affected in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

I can pray for them to have the strength and perseverance of the fictional character Moana and recover in the fastest and best way they possibly can. Hopefully they can rebuild their islands and territories together, like the characters in Moana, and become stronger as communities united for each other as they heal and the storms eventually go away.